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Tamil Nadu, India


Heat and Moisture Exchanger with HEPA Filter

HME or Heat and Moisture Exchanger with Filter: Passive heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) represent a simple and effective way to replace one of the most important upper airway (Nose) functions; they retain the heat and moisture of expired air and return it to the inspired gases. As the nasal cavities normally play a very active role in this conditioning, HMEs have also been called "artificial noses". LIFETRACK HME also offers a high level of microbial filtration for patient and staff safety and an exceptional moisture output for effective airway humidification. The resistance to air flow is low, for safe use in any ventilation technique. Combining a good filtration efficiency and moisture output with a reduced dead space, LIFETRACK is the filter/HME of choice in most cases.

When and Where to Use?  HME/Filter must be used whenever and wherever the NOSE IS BYPASSED (eg: intubation), as it is an ARTIFICIAL NOSE.

How long to use?  HME / Filter can be used for 24 hours.

SUPERIORITY OVER CONVENTIONAL USE OF ACTIVE HUMIDIFIER:  LIFETRACK HME/Filter virtually eliminates the use of Active Humidifier and expensive Water Trappers (Potential Source of Infection as the water is accumulated in both breathing circuits and Active Humidifier).